prep-station LX-2-2

LX-2-2 prep-station
Inside dimension

6300×3450×2800mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

7550×3550×3200mm (L×W×H)

Basement and floor Optional
Ceiling filter 6400×3550×520mm (L×W×H) , around is coaming, the lighting is arranged between the lengthwise panels; the rear part of the top is sealed with a sealing plate.  
Generator setting type Rear for exhaust air,with quadrate steel frame,white color coated steel
Exhaust system Generator cabin dimension:2290 ×1200 ×1800 mm (L×W×H) ;5.5KW one set inner centrifugal fan with air capacity 16000m³/h,belt-drive.
Seal Type Back side with 50mm EPS,other 3 sides with PVC soft curtain,color upper part:white middle part:transparent,lower part:blue
Ceiling Installation Steel rope hanging or steel pole supporting the roof(Option).
Lighting System 8unitsx4pcsx16W LED lighting
Filter System Floor filter(fibreglass).
Control system Control air fan,lighting
Voltage Frequency As request
Total Power 6KW

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