Painting mixing room LY-7B

Y-7B Mixing Room  Inside Dimension5680×2330×2500mm (L×W×H) Outside Dimension5780×2430×2550mm(L×W×H) Door Size: 1unit 650x1800mm(WxH), color: white. Total Power1KW Cabin System: 1. Wallboard: EPS (epispastics polystyrene) Colorful Steel Skin Boards, 50mm Thick, Tongue & Groove construction, Compound Construction, Aluminum-alloy Frame. Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation. Generator setting type: Exhaust air from bottom of back wall panels, quadrate steel frame, coated steel Air Circulation System 1. Outlet Fan: Double intake centrifugal fan  Air capacity 5000m³/h Quantity: 1 set Purification System: The primary filter on the wall to intake air, exhaust fiberglass filter. Light System: Ceiling lights: 3units×4pcs×36w Controlling System:  Power supply, electrical outlet, fan switch, lighting switch.

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