Furniture spray booth LY-100

Outside Dimension(mm)L×W×H


Painting Room Dimension(mm)L×W


Drying Room Dimension(mm)L×W


Incoming Door Dimension(mm)L×W


Delivery Door Dimension(mm)L×W


Sliding door

One sliding door, 2000mm*2200mm,connected paint booth with drying booth.

The finished products could be moved into the drying room through this door.

Wall Panels

50mm EPS colorful steel skin panel, steel 0.4mm thick,tongue groove style,

compound construction, anti-flame and heat-insulation.


30mm*4mm flat iron,12#channel steel

Water Curtains

Dimension:4000×400×1500mm(L×W×H),stainless steel.

Water Pump

Brand:Lailibao, capacity:7m³/h, lift:18m, rotate speed:2860rotate/m  power:750W   


Painting room: 6units x 3pieces=18piecesx16w LED lamp; Baking room: 12 pieces x 16w LED lamp

Inlet Fan

2x4 kw YDW double-intake centrifugal fans, air capacity: 25000m³/h

Exhaust Fan

1x7.5 kw YDW double-intake centrifugal fans, air capacity: 18000m³/h

Heating System

10 pieces x3kw shortwave infrared halogen baking lamps .

Filter System

Intake air: Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules larger than 10μm.

Ceiling filter capture granules bigger than 5μm. Its filtering rate reaches 98%.;

Exhaust air: Water curtain filtering

Control System

Lighting switch, spraying, baking temperature, time setting, emergency stop,

temperature controller, power supply

Total Power


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