Car spray booth LX-E1


Outside size 7000×5200×3400mm(L×W×H)
Inside size 6900×3900×2650mm(L×W×H)
Entrance door 3 folds,3000x2600 mm(W×H), bending steel without covered frame
Emergency door 650*2000mm(W*H),equipped with handle lock

Main System

Cabin system Wall panel -Sandwich style EPS 50mm,0.376mm thick steel,  anti-flame and heat-insulation.-High quality galvanized steel roof panel.
Basement -Galvanized steel assemble,280mm high,quadrate steel support,2 rows of grills,3 rows of indented plates.-2 ramps,external setting,620*2000mm(W*L)/pc
Ventilation system Inlet fan 1*7.5KW turbo fan, air capacity: 25000m³/h, direct drive,with Siemens technology production
Outlet fan Optional
Cabinet setting type -Intake air from side upper ,adopt powder quadrate steel frame , strong and beautiful .-Air duct*2m long*1unit, -Elbow:90°*1 unit
Airflow speed  0.35m/s,ventilation rate:280time/h
Heating system 10 units infrared curing lamps for heating, 3 lamps/unit,each lamp 1KW, Total power: 30KW
Lighting system Ceiling lights 32pcs*16w LED lighting .
Side lights Optional
Filtering system Primary filter Grade G2 plate type , filtering rate83%
Ceiling filter EU5 grade high efficient filter,filtering rate98%
Floor filter Multi-layer fiberglass filter,filtering rate70%
Control system Control panel Intelligent control system
Function Painting, baking, time setting, lighting,  failure indication, thermostatic switch, power switch, emergency stop
Voltage/Frequency 380V,50HZ,3 phase
Total power 39 KW

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